Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So Random

So, I did something today I have never done before. People say there is a first for everything. Today, I bought this.....

Never in the history of her career have I ever purchased a CD. Zip, zero, nada. Before this day, I could put my hand on a Bible and swear to say that I didn't own anything of Britney Spears. But today, as I was at Target, I found it staring at me and it was even on sale. I've heard a few songs off of the album and they sound good. So, I grabbed it, threw it in the basket while shaking my head to myself. 31 years old and buying a Britney Spears CD for myself.

My main purpose of going to Target was to get a new camera pouch and a new scan disk because when I got home today, I found this waiting for me.

Kodak EasyShare M1063 10.3 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)

*Grin* I will let it be said that I have the world's greatest best friend ever. A few months ago, Heather and I were talking about cameras. Her husband had gotten her one for Sweetest Day. I told her that I wasn't in dire need of one, but would like to get one for myself as a birthday present. She decided to purchase it for me and that is what was waiting for me at our apartment office. It's pretty! I have the week off, so I will be putting it to use and taking pictures.

Before I came home, I was at a friends house. Their neighbor brought us over some tamales. They were literally just steamed and still piping hot. Now, I do love me some tamales. Seriously, I can go crazy over tamales. And living here in AZ at Christmas time is a divine thing! The Mexican culture traditionally makes tamales at Christmas.

Oh, just looking at that picture makes me want one! So, my friend, her husband, and me, went to TOWN on those tamales. We each had two. They were good, spicy, and had green olives in them. Yummy! I get my free dozen on Wednesday and I can't wait. I made my coworker swear on her life that when I move, she would send me some every Christmas.

Early this morning, I decided I should take out stock in Band-Aids. I always seem to need them, always using them. This morning I was taking out the trash, I came back in and felt something wet on my finger. I thought it was condensation from the weather, but glanced down and noticed my finger quite bloody.

*Insert hero themed music here* Band-aids to the rescue! Two bandages later, I was finally able to get the blood to stop. I am such a spaz. I am clumsy and I'm always hurting something. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have broken my toes. Or how many scars I have on my body from the numerous times I've ran into something, hit something.

Tomorrow, is day 1 of vacation. This is what I have planned:

I know, it's very exciting stuff. I'm an exciting gal, what can I say? And after that, I am heading to church and then taking care of the 4 year olds.

How that is for a very random post for you?

Oh who am I kidding? My main purpose of going to Target, was to TOTALLY purchase the Britney Spears CD. Ha!

I'm outtie.



Anonymous said...

You crack me up you closet Britney lover!! I've seen the t-shirts in the drawers...oh, wait, that's NKOTB!! I'm glad you like the camera! Now take a picture of your new hair do!!
Love ya...Heather

Sheri said...

So what did you think of the cd? I agree - some interesting tunes and like you, I've never owned one or even thought of owning one. I love the beat of womanizer though (gasp of sadness for the 38yo!) LOL

Can't wait to see some pics from the awesome gift!

Merry Christmas B2! Hope the New Year brings an amazing God-venture!

AZmommy23 said...

That picture of the tamales is making me slobber! We LOVE the ones with the green olives, but we can never find them! When Dan lived in Tucson, he said they always had green olives. :( Now I just put a jar of green olives on the table and we eat them next to the tamale. Lame, I know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!