Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey you, slow down!

So, the buzz around Arizona lately has been about taking pictures, however the pictures are not taken with a normal camera. They are taken with this camera:

For all my peeps who don't live here in Arizona, this would be a speed camera. These cameras are mounted on the side of many roads here, including a highways. In fact, these cameras are probably on the highways more than anything. In the past month, these cameras were put up on all of our highways, making it virtually impossible to not get caught speeding.

Everyone here in Arizona is up in arms about all these cameras. Everyone is all bent out of shape because numerous people are receiving tickets in the mail because they had their picture taken. On Monday, there was a protest in regards to the cameras. A whopping 30 people showed up to protest the number of cameras around the valley.

Well, here's my take on it. Why don't you just do the speed limit? Then you don't have to worry about getting your picture taken. The amount of speed cameras here in the valley is just an indication that there are too many people breaking the laws. You are forewarned about 200 feet before the camera that you are approaching a photo enforcement area. People will speed, then slam on the breaks when they see the warning sign, thus causing accidents. Just do the speed limit, it's as simple as that. Yes, I know if you drive faster, you'll get to where you are going quicker. I get that. Here's another great idea, why don't you just leave a few minutes earlier. I know, I'm sounding like an old person here, but times are extremely tough and can you really afford to pay at $200 (maybe more) as well as sit through a day of traffic school to feed the need for your speed? I can't afford to get a speeding ticket and I don't want that on my record. I haven't had a speeding ticket in 6 years. Because I learned my lesson the first time.

And people are complaining because the cameras are taking away part of the jobs of the police officers. I suppose that is true, but with budget cuts nationwide, don't you think the police officers need to tend to the crimes going on, instead of sitting on the side of the road waiting to catch you? Sure, there are some officers that still do it, but the cameras are doing most of that now. The crime in the valley, as well as the nation, is not getting any better, it's getting worse and there isn't enough manpower to do everything anymore. So, in my opinion, I would rather have the police officers working on the crime than using my tax dollars to sit on the side of the road waiting to catch you speeding.

Another thing people are talking about is that if you get a ticket, you don't have to pay it, that no one will come after you. Sure, I suppose you don't have to. We really don't have to do anything we don't want to do. But, eventually that unpaid ticket will catch up to you. And, by that time your license could be suspended. If you get a ticket, you should pay it. Simple as that. I see it as your civic duty, if you are subpoenaed for a jury, you go. If it's time to vote, you vote. If you get a ticket for something you did, then you should pay it.

So, do the speed limit or choose to fork out the money for the ticket. It's your choice.


Romi said...

No more lead footin' for me! I've had my share of traffic school, thank you very much! Although I will say one instructor made it highly entertaining by dancing and singing! (Ftr, he was actually pretty talented...ya just never know where God will use your gifts! ; )

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!! It makes me think of your Grandpa in the ol' Escort driving me home at 15 mph! A 5 minute trip would take 15 minutes with Grandpa!! They have those camera's all over up here in Indiana too. I agree...the real cops have better things to do! Love ya...Heather