Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi, everyone! Look at this, I'm blogging. You knew I couldn't stay away long. I was opting not to blog due to some personal things going on in my life. And to be quite honest with you, I wasn't wanting a particular person to see anything about what is going on. But, I was thinking today, do I have this blog for this person? Nope, I don't. And so I really shouldn't care who reads this.

Heather emailed me tonight telling me how much she loves to read this blog and to see my thoughts. Seriously, that girl is the one who pulls me back to reality. And if she wouldn't of sent me that email, I might of not updated this for a long time. But her email is what is making me update. And I even told her I would give her a shout out. Look she even got a paragraph devoted to her. :)

So, school is almost done for the semester. I still hate my Anatomy & Physiology class. I actually hate it more every day. I am still not sure if I will have to take the class again. But I might just opt to put school on hold until I move. Martha said today, I was too stressed out from everything and agreed that maybe a break was in order. So, I'm going to pray about that.

I hung out with my surrogate mom today. *Sigh* I love her and I so needed some mom time for this soul of mine. It did it good! She just makes me feel normal and we always have lots to talk about. All the woman who have said they would be my "mom", she's been the only one that hasn't let me down. And for that, I'm so thankful.

A few posts ago, I wrote about wanting to help our homeless population with applicatons for Medicaid. I talked to someone at the church about it and they are in the process of doing something like that through an organization. I have a meeting with someone from the church on Saturday, but they are going to try to get me hooked up with this organization to give them my input and whatever expertise I have . I'm excited about the new opportunities that are coming my way. It's definitely something to look forward to!

I purchased Christmas cards today. *Gasp* Although I'm not ready for Christmas music, I try to purchase cards early and get them addressed. That way, December 1st all I have to is stamp them and mail them. But, right now, who has time to do that? "Not, I," said the fly. I will make time eventually, granted it might be at 1 a.m. in the morning, but it will get done.

This blog is totally random and this is what happens when I have three glasses of tea.

Okay, I suppose I should stop. I could keep typing. Here are a few random pics to round off the random post.


I got roses from the Kamberg family in celebration of my 6 years of walking with Christ. :)


Kitties! I can rarely ever catch them sitting together. This is Stella and Daisey.


Holy curls, Batman! I was having a super curly hair day. And yes, I totally took a picture of my curls.


No matter how much I complain about Arizona, we have beautiful sunsets.

I'm out like a broken bulb.


Quote of the day: "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." ~John F. Kennedy


Romi said...

Well, YEAH and PRAISES for friends like Heather and for a surrogate mom, Brandy!!! : ) I'm so glad they're there for you to encourage, nourish, and cheer you on!! We all need peeps like that in our life!

And I'm happy you're back blogging! Wow, Christmas cards already?! Well you're way on top of things! I'll FB my address (and I'd love yours too), did you get my FB message from last week? Because if you didn't, that probably means I somehow fbooked it to me! Oy! Can I blame it on this icky cold I have? ; ) lol

Praying you'll get through your science classes. Have a super rest of the week! : )

Romi said...

PS: Also meant to tell you I love the pics...beautiful, shiny kitties you've got there and love how your roses popped open! : )