Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Yesterday, Jason and I went on a day trip to Flagstaff. The goal was to get out of the heat. Little did I know, that is was in the high 90's yesterday in Flagstaff. Still very hot, but not nearly as bad as the 115 degrees in Phoenix. I had set out, intending to get LOTS of pictures yesterday. But wasn't very productive about it. So, here are the few pics I did take from the trip.

My goal was to go to Walnut Canyon, I have never been there and I want to explore my state more. Unfortunately, when we drove up to pay the entrance fee, there was a note that said the main trail was closed due to rock slides. Oh bugga! The sign guided us to the visitor center to pay the fee to get into the park. Even though the trail was closed, they were still charging $5 to get in. Jason and I walked around the visitor center for a little while, but before you knew it, we were outside on the open part of the trail. *Gasp* we didn't pay the $5/per person fee. Meh, this is what I would of saw if I paid the money...but shhhh...these are the "free" pics.


I came all the way from Phoenix, only to find the trail closed.


Walnut Canyon


Part of the Native American Ruins, Walnut Canyon


One of my bestest friends, but the only one who is guy.




Sedona, from the back side of the Chapel.


Sedona, from the back side of the Chapel.




Chapel of the Cross, Sedona


Chapel of the Cross, Sedona

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