Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh good grief...

Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you doing? I’m pretty much fantastic! How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine is always interesting. But yesterday was interesting and lovely. Interesting was from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., my family time. Oh goodness, after one hour, I was sitting in my car, trying to draw up some sort of energy because my family had literally completely drained me. Now, you may ask why did you only spend an hour there? My family here consists of my aunt, uncle, and cousin. That’s it. I see them three times a year: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I can only take an hour there because my cousin’s mouth is so horrible and dinners usually consist of him cussing beyond belief at the dinner table. If you kindly ask him to stop, it just makes it worse. Oy vei. And his parents don’t do anything about it; they just let him do it. Now, my grandmother would have slapped me if I EVER spoke like that around her, especially at the dinner table! Then we usually get into a heated discussion about God or something that has to do with God. I stand my ground, stand firm for what I believe in, but that is where I get drained the most. He just won’t let up. And then the smoking, my aunt is a horrible chain smoker and their little closed up apartment makes me think I’m going to die of second hand smoke. I actually try not to breathe when I’m there, LOL. Sitting in my car yesterday, I’m asking myself, “Am I really related to these people? Couldn’t I be adopted? I would honestly be perfectly okay with being adopted, I would.” But I drew up a little bit of energy and headed over to J’s house, for something normal. His mom greeted me with a big hug, which is just what I needed. They always make me feel comfortable and loved when I go over there, unlike my actual family. Dinner was delicious; dessert was awesome, company fantastic. I spent the evening with them and even watched a full basketball game with them. By the way, did you know the Portland TrailBlazers are on a winning streak right now? They are, 11-0. Just thought I would throw that in for Jason. He stated yesterday, he’s determined to make me a fan. We shall see.

Christmas with them was lovely, simply lovely. I haven’t had a lovely Christmas since before my grandma died. It made me very thankful to have them here, especially during this time of year.

I have a coworker who eats sunflower seeds ALL day long. Everywhere I go, all over the office, there are sunflower shells. In his cubicle, in the hallways, on the stairs, in the parking lot, EVERYWHERE! Funny thing is, we just moved buildings and the shells have managed to migrate themselves over here. I see them all the time, I sometimes even dream of them. He is actually sitting in the cubicle across from me now. I can’t escape them, seriously. And to make it worse, he doesn’t keep his desk area clean. When the computer guys moved his computer, keyboard, and mouse they were actually disgusted and they found a whole bunch of shells. When I moved over here to my new space, I literally took Clorox Wipes (Which, I LOVE by the way), and wiped down everything in my cubicle. That is the way I am. I so wanted to wipe everything of his down, but stopped myself. I didn’t know if I would have enough wipes to clean everything. So, there you go, you have an OCD germ-o-phobe sitting next to a man who could care less about being clean. EWWWWWWW……

Have a fantastic day!


Quote of the day: “Family isn’t about whose blood you have. It’s about who you care about.” ~Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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