Thursday, October 11, 2007

Long sleeves and hot drinks

Happy Thursday everyone! The time is slowly coming...the time to wear long sleeve shirts. I'm itching like crazy to bust out my hoodies! I simply can't wait. Since we had such a horribly hot summer, I am definitely welcoming cooler weather. It's still about 80 in the day, but the mornings are cooling off. I went out this morning and got coffee, it was a tad chilly! I put on a long sleeve shirt and ran and got a nice hot drink from Starbucks. Yummy! Now that my insides are all nice and warm, I can function. I am thinking of taking a drive soon up to Flagstaff just to see the actual changing of leaves. But I'm going up to Prescott soon and probably can see them there. Either way, I want to see some fall colors.

Every night I lay in my bed and look at the stars. No seriously I look at my ceiling and see stars. Ha! You must think I'm crazy, nope, not really. The people who lived in the apartment before me had a kid. I got their room. They put up glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. And even though they have been painted over, I can still see them clear as day. Everytime I lay my head on my pillow I always smile because for a brief moment I'm brought back to my childhood by looking at my glowing stars. I lay there for quite some time thinking about things, praying, sometimes even trying to count them. I think about God a lot, my faith in Him, and what I can do to better serve Him. With all that said, I've announced this to a few people, but can now announce to the world, that I've done some serious praying about my church. I've come to the conclusion that my time at Central is done. It's time to move on for various reasons. I won't put the reasons out for everyone to see. Central is a good church, but it has it flaws. But, so does other churches. A few key people know the reasons as to why I'm leaving. So, this weekend, I will start the search for a new church home. I will continue to serve in Children's until November 10th, only because they are so short of volunteers. And honestly, it's not me to just up and leave an obligation that I have without any notice. About a month or so ago, sitting in service, I started crying because I knew my time there was done. I knew it was time to move on. It was a bittersweet moment. But that's okay. It's time. Now, believe me, this is not something that has come out of the blue. I've been praying about this for almost a year now, only a few people knew. But as time wore on, I just began to feel it more and more.

That's all I have to report on right now. Have a great day!


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