Monday, February 19, 2007

A long time reunion

Hello everyone! Happy President's Day! How is everyone doing? I'm simply fabulous! I had an awesome weekend. It started off with my niece coming to town. I haven't seen her in almost 7 years. Why? Well her mother and I had a falling out about 7 years ago. Not really a falling out, but we haven't spoken to each other. And I'm honestly okay with that. But I lost contact with Rosie (my niece) and her siblings. I recently got in contact with them. My niece came in for my birthday party. And of her three siblings, she's always been my favorite. She got in late Friday night/ early Saturday morning. I almost shed some tears. She just kept hugging on me and telling me how much she had missed me. She's all grown up now, she's 21 and having a baby. I also met her boyfriend/ fiancee. I found myself just staring at her this weekend, I can't believe I'm seeing her and she still claims me as her favorite aunt. She looks all grown up, but then she still looks like the same Rosie I knew 7 years ago. I didn't want her to leave yesterday. I even told her I was going to tie her to something so she couldn't leave. Luckily she's only about five hours away from me. She's in California right now. I'm going out for the wedding in June, the baby shower, and the birth of the baby. Needless to say that was the absolute highlight of this weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday. We had fun. But most of the time we just hung out. I loved every second of it.

I also had my birthday party this weekend. I had about 30 people there and I racked up in the gifts!

Anyways, short post...but here are some pics. Random pics of course.


Yeah, I'm wearing that hat...whatcha gonna do about it?


All you really need in life is a few awesome friends.


No matter what, it all comes back to the cross.


Starting of a rainbow.


Becky can't leave us alone for five minutes, we start taking pictures.


Seriously? All I can say is WOW. God is awesome. This is a sunrise I caught one day.


We went to the zoo.This turtle was enjoying the day and just swimming along.


I love this flower. It's so simple and pretty.


This monkey came right up to the window and just stared at us. I felt so bad for him. He looked so sad.


That is Kasi, she's a year old orangutan. She was CUTE! I wanted to take her home.

DSCF0638 and my niece, Rosie.

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