Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm desperate for you

Have you ever been so desperate for something? Anything?

Desperate to lose weight. Desperate to find a spouse. Desperate for a higher education. Desperate to make more money. Desperate to have the newest things. Desperate to feel accepted. Desperate to feel loved. Just so desperate for something, it doesn’t matter what it is. I admit to being one of these people as well.

Where does this type of desperation come from? The obvious answer is the world we live in. The media, as well as other things, have completely brainwashed people and they are literally obsessed with the newest fads. Romans 12:2 tells us not to give in to the world we live in. It’s funny, I sometimes see Christians forgetting about this very important verse. If we choose to be like the world we live in, then we become easily influenced to other things. Before you know it, you have lost focus on what really matters, GOD.

So tell me, where is the desperation for God in all of this? I don’t see it most of the time in my life. It's something I really struggle with. I have gotten better, but still need improvement. There is a song from Jars of Clay called “Love Song for a Savior”. The chorus says “I want to fall in love with you”. That song means falling in love with God completely, giving it all to Him. Why is that so hard for me to comprehend? Once you choose to fall in love with God, you fall in love with yourself. You deal with your self-esteem and realize God loves you no matter what you look like. You stop being stop being desperate for the world and you are only desperate for God. You realize that yes, you are single, but that might be God’s plan right now or forever even. You realize that the job you have been blessed with (regardless of money), is part of God’s plan and all the money you make is His anyways.

And you realize among other things, that who cares if you are accepted among a certain group of people. GOD ACCEPTS YOU. Wow! That's funny, someone actually accepts you for who you are? Do you want to know what I’m desperate for? What I yearn for? What I really want? Sure, on some days it might be like the rest of the world and follows the lines of the first paragraph. However, I am desperate to grow deeper with God. I find myself yearning and wanting more of Him. We should all have this wanting and not only seek him when troubles arise. Looking back at my life, especially the past year, I've fallen deeper in love with God, became more desperate for Him. His love, grace, and mercy were the only thing that was going to get me out of the darkness I struggled with.

I need to remember to keep my desperation for God.

Father God,

Like the song says, I'm desperate for you and I am so lost without you in my life. My life without you, makes no sense and I become desperate for worldly things. Help me to remember to keep my eyes focused on solely you, for you provide the nourishment of life. I pray that I don't get caught up in wanting bigger or better things, but to be fully satisfied with who I am in You, the things I have, the job I work for. Nothing else matters but you.

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Kim Neyer said...

I really need to feel that desperation again. I am in this dry place where I am going through the motions, remembering past spiritual highs, and wondering when I'm going to get back into my groove with God. I'm desperate, but I don't feel desperate, if that makes any sense...