Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Facebook, Xanga, Myspace

Okay, okay, it's been awhile since I've stepped on my soap box (Memo, I love that pic! Especially because the skyline in the background is Chicago). Today, let the stepping on of the soap box commence. Today, I'm ranting on the following things: Facebook, Myspace, Xanga. Now I belong to each of these websites, and I don't think I'm ranting about the companies per se, but the users, mostly. Yes, that's it.

***Steps on soap box***

  • I get completely and throughly annoyed at people who literally send you applications for everything under the sun. When I first got Facebook, I was averaging about 15 requests per day, mostly from one person. Gah, do you not have anything better to than to sit on Facebook and annoy me with your numerous applicatilons request? I finally blocked the applications, although some still weasel their way through. I would say 98% of the time, if I get an application requests, I ignore it. I'm just saying.

  • Ads on Facebook are annoying. It's like they skim your profile and give you ads according to your profile. My favorite is "Are you an overweight Christian who is over 30 and single?" Why, yes, yes I am. Thank you very much Mr. Ad guy for reminding me of that fact. No lie, I saw an ad for that one day.

  • I have Flair on Facebook, if you don't have the Flair application, then you should get it. It's one of my favorite applications. However, my only rant with this is I need a bigger board for my Flair.

  • I really don't have a lot to rant about with Facebook as of right now, however the biggest rant I have is the new layout. Am I the only one who hates the new layout? Gah, I despise it!

Okay now, Xanga...I have been true to you for a long time, since 2005 to be exact. As stated earlier, I have nothing wrong with's the users who sometimes make me annoyed at Xanga.

  • Xanga very recently has been hit with spammers. I mean spammers have always been around, but lately it seems as though the spammers are taking over our blogging world. I get spam in my message box, I see spam on the pulses and I really love when spammers actually get to my site and leave a spam comment. Oh that is the worst! My favorite are the religious ones who just leave a general comment telling me to repent of my sins before it's too late. Ah, these people drive me crazy! If they took a gander at my site or read a few of my blogs, they would see that I'm a Christian. They go to everyone's site, leave the same comment, never ever read the entry they comment on. And honestly a lot of people on Xanga despise people who have a belief in something because of these people. I have read many blogs that indicate this and if anything these spammers have probably turned the people off more than getting them to listen. They are literally "Bible thumping" people on their comments. And another favorite spammer of mine is the guy who is really lonely and goes to a person's site and leaves the exact same comment for every single woman who has commented on the blog. Another example of someone who literally has nothing else better to do.

  • I think the recommend feature that Xanga has is a wonderful tool, I really do. However, I feel the recommend button gets over used. I will sometimes read a post that was recommend and wonder why it was recommended. I also despise when people write on their own blog to recommend their entry. I'm sorry folks, but if you put that, I can guarantee you I won't recommend your post. It's the rebel in me not wanting to follow your rules.

  • If you post numerous times a day, and I log in and the only thing I see on my front page is nothing but entries from you filling up the entire page, I get annoyed. And will probably delete my subscription to you.

  • I know there are a lot of people out there with strong political views and I know that this is an election year...a HUGE election year, but I'm ready for the blogging world to move past politics. I get like this when we have presidential elections, I'm just done with hearing about it.

  • I don't understand why Xanga is so full of people posting their food journals. I guess I can't comprehend it, because I'm not obsessed with the way I look. Memo, I'm overweight and I know I need to lose weight. But Xanga has almost a cult following of women/young girls who are dying to be thin...literally. I sometimes look at their pages and could only hope I could ever be that skinny in my life. But these girls are literally starving themselves. I read a blog once about the bad side of anorexic and bulemia. It was one of the greatest blogs I have ever read because she went into grave detail about all the bad stuff you don't normally read in hopes of reaching out to these girls who think they can't get thin enough. My heart hurts for these girls who are in my eyes, very skinny. But I have no right to talk to them being as I am an overweight person.

  • On Myspace, if you post a bulletin that says anything in regards to "Comment me" "Come look at my pictures and comment, I'll comment you back.", etc, I get annoyed. Even the "I'm going out of town, leave me lots of comments while I am gone." My thinking is if people want to comment your page or your pictures, they will. And if someone puts that, I can guarantee you again, I won't come near your page. Teenagers are big on this, however there are a few adults on my page that do it as well.

  • Also, why is there such a big deal about your top friends? Seriously people. Do you really think people run their relationships by how they number you on your top friends? We don't need Myspace to determine where you stand in a friendship. My top friends are the people whose pages I frequent the most, yes the people on my friends list are people I'm close to. However if I happen to remove someone from the list or move people around, it doesn't mean that I'm not your friend. Don't get all grouchy because for some strange reason you put me in your top friends, but you're not on mine. And don't think we're the bestest of friends on Myspace, I can guarantee you, unless you're one of those six I mentioned a few post ago, we're not best friends. Sorry, folks, that's the way it is.

  • I love how my profile views go up. Go ahead and keep stalking my page. Most of the time is stalked by people who aren't on my friends list and are trying to look at my profile or my pics. That is why my page is private and in the pic I have up, you can't see my face. That is solely due to psycho ex boyfriend and psycho ex stepmother who won't leave me alone.

  • My birthday is hidden on Myspace as well as Facebook. Although on Myspace it still shows up to some people. I took it down for this sole reason learned from Jason, if people really care about your birthday, they don't need Myspace or Facebook to remind you when it is. They should already remember it. People get grouchy because they didn't know it was my birthday because they didn't get the reminder. And they feel bad. Oh well. You should know the date. Because off of the top of my head, I can tell you a birthday of a friend, close or not.

I'm sure there is plenty more to rant about, however, I can't seem to remember it all. So, I shall leave the rant as this, since the post is long enough.

Oh by the way, don't forget to comment me, recommend this fantastic post, and go comment one of my pics. When you're done with that, be sure to put my birthday on your calendar and put me as number 1 on your top friends list.


Roxanne Kristina said...


I kind of sort of wrote a realted but not really silly sort of post:

Romi said...

VENT ON, Sistah friend!!! Hope you felt better for getting that off your chest! : ) Rant n Roll is good for the soul and I sure related to much of what you said (I've never used Xanga) Between Facebook and Myspace, I often feel like I'm back in high school! Ooooh I just got the heebie jeebies just thinking about that! : 0