Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where is the respect?

Okay, okay…something totally just happened that aggravated me. I am walking to the cafeteria; there is a man in front of me literally two feet ahead. He knew I was behind him, he said good morning to me. He proceeds to go through a door and even though I am still behind him, he doesn’t hold the door and it literally shuts in my face. I stand there in shock for a few seconds then muttered that he was “Jerk” under my breath. Yeah, I know…not very Christian of me. But I have known him a very long time and he’s always been like this. I try to give him chance after chance at work, and he does something like this to all the ladies. J-E-R-K. He seems to think he’s on some sort of pedestal and women are beneath him. I’m sorry, would it of taken so much time out of your day to wait for me for two seconds and be nice by holding the door open? Even though you are a man and I am a woman, if I was in front of you, I would have held the door for you. But I guess my grandmother raised me to be polite to everyone, she raised me to have manners, which is something you obviously don’t possess.

My best guy friend, Jason, does his best at being polite to women; I can see what his mother has instilled in him and it makes me estatic to see him doing this because I don't see it very often. He opens doors, waits for me to leave before leaving, walks me to my car, doesn’t eat if I am not eating…he wants to wait for me. Sometimes, it throws me for a loop because so many men are jerks; I forget that some men still respect women.

What has happened to chivalry? Seriously…it doesn’t exist that much anymore. Why don’t most men treat women with respect? How about the guy who sits next to me who will sit and burp all day long in the presence of women? He’s an older gentleman, and just belches various times through out the day. No excuses, no apologies, nothing. Gross. Or the other guy I work with who treats every single one of us like we are a piece of meat? You know the one that makes me so uncomfortable, I talked to someone about possibly filing a sexual harassment charge against? How about the other guy I constantly lay into because he is married, but chooses not to wear his wedding ring? He flirts with every female in my building. Oh and don’t even get me started on degrading us by calling us horrible names. Where is the respect that we all deserve?

Seriously, men…without us women, you would NOT be able to function. You need us to survive, we run things. You may think you run things, but you are so clueless, the women run things, everything. We do your laundry, we fix your food, and we mother and nurture your children, so many other things. Even if you’re single, I can guarantee that you have some sort of influence from your mother. You still look to her for guidance, etc. It’s just annoying to see men disrespect us the way they do. My friend, Martha, and I were just talking about this yesterday. She is trying hard to instill some sort of good morals to her two little boys. Her 7 year old shows that he has learned something from her, respects her. He held the door open for her a few days ago and said, “Ladies first”. She said, “No, go ahead.”, and he literally was like, “No, mom, you always said ladies first.” He’s 7 and he has learned that. She instilled that in him at a young age. He knows. Man, maybe this 7 year old should meet up with this jerk that shut the door in my face this morning and teach him a thing or two.

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