Sunday, May 4, 2008

Creepy Creepster

So, not that this is a big deal to my Xanga readers, but I've put my site on Xanga lock. Today as I was checking my email, I got a message from Xanga saying someone replied to a comment I left on someone's site. This person replied to me and other women who commented on the site and just left a creepy message, the exact same message for all of us.

Here is a copy of what he replied to me and like 4 other women: "hello how are u doing today , i am male on checking out of the profile of who is online i saw your lovely pix and that u look like an angel to me and your love face captivate my interest alot if u dont mind me sending u this u this mail .hope to hear from u soon"

I got an email from the person whose site I left a comment at, regarding his comment saying she's blocked this person. Well, I've blocked him as well after I went to his site and called him a creep. In my experience with "psycho", you can never be to cautious. I've recently made my Myspace private with a picture of me without my face showing due to this said stalker I once had. But, now....I've had to make Xanga private. Which, sucks, because there are a lot of people who read it that don't have Xanga, like my sister, coworker, and some other friends. Oh well, life goes on.

Seriously? Does this guy have NOTHING better to do with his time than to bother women on Xanga? Doesn't he have a life or something? I'm not on Xanga looking for love, especially on other people's sites. It's just creepy. He's just creepy. And I'm so over creepy men bothering me. And looking at my list of blocked users, congrats to you Mr. Creepy Creepster, you've just earned the title of being the first and only person to be blocked from my Xanga in the three years I've had the account. Well, done, sir. Creep.

P.S. Not that he can see this blog because he's blocked, but just venting.

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