Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a week!

Oh man, I've had the longest week of my life! As you know in my previous post, I put that I had gotten some sort of stomach sickness in the Dominican Republic. Well, it escalated Wednesday. I woke up feeling okay, but by 9:30, I had severe chills, a pounding headaches, muscle cramps, and a really high fever. I took of my four layers of clothing only to find that my arms had broken out in a skin rash. A few of my team mates have been diagnosed with Dengue Fever, this is from a mosquito bite. I was starting to show the symptoms. I wound up going to urgent care only for them to tell me that if I did have Dengue Fever they couldn't help me and suggested I go to the emergency room. What? I really hate going anywhere near a hospital, but I was really sick so I trotted on over to the hospital. I explained to the doctor's where I had just come back from and a few of my team mates have Dengue Fever. I have never been sick coming back from a trip and was pretty scared something was really wrong. The doctor's literally looked at me like I was crazy. They didn't test my blood, nothing. He just said I have a really bad sinus infection. Ummm...okay. When I was at the ER my temperature was 101, but by the time I had made it home, it had spiked to 103. I don't ever remember having that high of a temperature. And I literally thought I was dying. My fever finally broke about 6 hours after getting back from the er. Oh man, what a relief. When it did break, I laid on the floor and let the oscillating fan run over my body and I literally laid face down in an ice pack. I was a mess!

As of today, all 8 team members are sick with the exact same symptoms. I am feeling better, but my appetite is still not there. Bleah, I can't stomach anything. Before I got sick, I knew I had the greatest friends in the world, but I really saw it when I was sick. As soon as word spread that I was in the emergency room, my phone was ringing like crazy and I was getting serious text messages making sure I was okay. Even my far away friends were wishing they were here to care for me. I love you guys, you are simply the greatest!

So, my dad is going to be here tomorrow. I'm excited. Although I talk to him all the time, I actually haven't seen him in 6 years. So, it will be awesome.

Anyways, I don't wanna type anymore. Have a great day!

Blessings and love,


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